All the articles and supplemental data in Elsevier Press' Special issue - Negative Emission Technology journal of Process Safety and Environmental Protection are available to download from ScienceDirect.  Links (click on the title) of the Authors' version of the peer-reviewed mass balance explaining Ocean Forests are listed below.  The lead paper is "NegativeCarbonVia OceanAfforestation2012 Authors'.pdf".  OMA-supplemental data refers to Ocean Macroalgae Afforestation (OMA, aka Ocean Forests).  Some supplemental data describes sub-businesses (ammonia concentrating, CO2 storage) within Ocean Forests.

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Click on titles for other papers in the Special issue – Negative Emissions Technology  (Note: the Special Issue posted on the Science Direct website is one page of discussion.  The two assessments of negative carbon technology were prepared before learning of Ocean Afforestation.)
November 2012
Tim Kruger | Richard Darton

A comparative global assessment of potential negative emissions technologies
November 2012
Duncan McLaren

Negative carbon via Ocean Afforestation
November 2012
Antoine de Ramon N‘Yeurt | David P. Chynoweth | Mark E. Capron | Jim R. Stewart | Mohammed A. Hasan

Ocean fertilization for geoengineering: A review of effectiveness, environmental impacts and emerging governance
November 2012
Phillip Williamson | Douglas W.R. Wallace | Cliff S. Law | Philip W. Boyd | Yves Collos | Peter Croot | Ken Denman | Ulf Riebesell | Shigenobu Takeda | Chris Vivian

Is biochar or straw-bale construction a better carbon storage from a life cycle perspective?
November 2012
Tuomas Mattila | Juha Grönroos | Jachym Judl | Marja-Riitta Korhonen

High-level techno-economic assessment of negative emissions technologies
November 2012
Niall McGlashan | Nilay Shah | Ben Caldecott | Mark Workman

Can boreal afforestation help offset incompressible GHG emissions from Canadian industries?
November 2012
J.-F. Boucher | P. Tremblay | S. Gaboury | C. Villeneuve

Ocean Forests are complete ecosystems which can sustainably supply 100% of global energy and food while restoring ocean health.  The global vision requires the effort of many people, years of development, and decades of expanding and refining operations.

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